Welcome to Logic Leap!

Logic Leap is a computer service company based in Bloomington/Normal designed to help the average person and small businesses. We work closely with our customers to provide a very friendly experience at an affordable price. Try us for your computer service needs!

Why use Logic Leap?

- The staff of Logic Leap are very friendly and eager to work with you. We will happily answer any questions, assist your needs to the best of our ability, and leave you feeling satisfied with your results.

-Logic Leap provides an easy and affordable way to reach your digital goals. We are here to help our customers, so we will beat the price of any large company looking for your money.

-Everything done by Logic Leap is a work of art and should be treated like one. We will put in the time and effort necessary to leave you feeling satisfied and confident with your computer. We promise to help each client with the individuality he or she deserves.

-Logic Leap provides a variety of services for its clients. Whether you are aiming to have a website built or get hard drive repairs, we can help you. We have experiences employees with a manager that has over twenty-two years of experience with computers.