Our main focus is production of pure, natural and chemical free foods with no side effects on consumers. Our second focus is the reduction of food wastage by naturally preserving food during seasons of plenty and making it available during scarcity seasons. We provide health-conscious consumers with a variety of natural and delicious paste and sauces without side effects that may be obtained from mainstream products.

Our raw material are locally sourced and most grown by Afrispice foods Ltd and it's out-grower farmers. Our products are made from 100% fresh fruit pulp, and do not contain chemical additives for thickening or preservation like most mainstream products. This is our concern, especially with increasing concern over possible health risks caused by additives and preservatives.

In response to the current global crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic Afrispice has partnered with other stakeholders and joined the frontline in producing 3-ply, type-5 medical masks.

We provide Standard medical masks (Type 5 Masks) that are made from fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by heat .

Our masks have three layers of fabric (3-ply) in accordance with legal requirements. These layers comprise an outer layer, a filter layer and an absorption layer in that order. All three layers shall be pleated horizontally with three pleats of finished depth 15 mm and at the front of the mask. The binding of the three layers is ultrasonically sealed.